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Purge Fest 2011 – Day 2

In Life, Resolutions on January 6, 2011 at 10:17 pm

*In case you missed the whole point behind this crazy scheme, check it out here.

**The first eleven pieces of junk purged from our lives forever are here.

12. One coupon book with an expiration date of… oh. wait. seriously? Do you think they’ll still honor it? Never hurts to ask.

13. One tea-steeper-dealy-thing with holes too big to keep the – er, uh – tea leaves inside. So what’s the point of manufacturing such a device in the first place? A tea steeper that in effect serves the same result as just dumping loose leaf tea directly into your mouth. And I used this device for how many years expecting a different result? Oh yeah, just ten. Not too shabby.

But, it has that great chain to hook it to the edge of your cup. It’s all the rage.

14. Hey, look it’s a dusty teapot. You might have heard of these, people used to use them to heat… listen closely… water to make hot tea before the invention of microwaves. I know what you are thinking. How on earth would this thingy work effectively without a tea-steeper-bobber-deal? Well, it wouldn’t. Thus they leave our midst as a pair.

15. A coffee mug lid. But, not just any coffee mug lid. A coffee mug lid with a melty spot that makes the coffee gurgle out under your bottom lip. Not ideal for keeping coffee in your mouth when, say driving… sitting in a meeting with your boss… trying not to look like a total goober in general.

Although, as mentioned previously this-here coffee mug lid was once of value. It belonged to the mug pictured below. A mug from the world’s greatest bagel shop in Ft. Collins, CO. They don’t sell this model mug anymore. Boo to you Mr. Leaky Mug Lid. But to you Mr. Mug, you are mine forever.

16. So, who’s household exactly was this household paraffin wax meant for anyway? I mean, the canning – I get it. The candlemaking – get it. Many other uses? Come on Gulf Wax, you know there are only two legitimate household uses. Why waste my time? I seriously thought I was buying commercial paraffin wax. This is below my pay grade.

And yep, it’s been with us since our Michigan days (see the Meijer tag?). Can you remember when you could buy a pound of paraffin for $1.59?  Oh, nevermind.

17. I do love Cuddly Critters. Who doesn’t? But I just can’t subject the kids to hamsters in their morning coffee. Too weird. And we don’t have a VHS box.

18. First rule of being lost. Don’t move a muscle. What on Earth is Spot looking for? Doesn’t he know everyone else in the world is looking for him?

19. When your kids have this much hair:

They need a stronger styling implement than this blurry little guy:

20. Yes, I know our eldest made this all. by. himself. with a little help. We will think of it fondly.

21. Honestly, if you just have ‘simple nausea’ shouldn’t you just grow a pair?

22. The power of twenty men couldn’t keep me from losing socks in the laundry. Who the heck does this guy think he is?

See you tomorrow for more of the same.

Disclaimer: Dear people who might have given us the stuff you see us now purging with great abandon… It is you we love. Not the stuff. We once loved you and the stuff, but now it’s back to just loving you. And the new stuff. Thanks for understanding.


Purge Fest 2011 – Day 1

In Life, Resolutions on January 5, 2011 at 10:13 pm

*Disclaimer: Dear people who might have given us the stuff you see us now purging with great abandon… It is you we love. Not the stuff. We once loved you and the stuff, but now it’s back to just loving you. And the new stuff. Thanks for understanding.

1. We love books. LOVE. Books. But this one just straight up bites the big one. The firefly isn’t nice. And every time we read it, I have to explain why the firefly is mean and why Sam the Owl puts up with his jerk friend the firefly. So, enough already. Sam, take the hint. There is someone better out there for you.

2. These blocks were a gift when Baby Girl was born almost a year and a half ago. That is a lifetime in the pressed-paperboard-block world. They must be replaced though. These guys were great in their hay-day.

3. This blurry little jewel once held a teething ring. Seriously. A carrying case for a teething ring. I’m sure this was the brain child of some bachelor baby-toy-engineer. Do you see the matching teether sitting beside it? No? That’s because it didn’t survive. Or maybe it escaped to the far-reaches behind the couch. We may never know. But this relationship was just not meant for the long haul.

4. One gear motor belonging to a whole set of gears that also escaped under the couch/fridge/bottom of the toy box. This guy’s sole purpose in the world without his buds the gears is to annoy the crap out of me with it’s buzzing. On the up side, the teether must not be too lonely under the couch. Probably having a par-tay with the gears. Those guys are ruckus.

5. One lonely cheese embellished cheese knife. Poor dude.

6. One Zhu-Zhu Pet. Sayonara sucka.

7. This lovely set of pumpkin carving knives will find a great new home. I’m sure of it.

8. Eh, this is a dehumidifier filter. I think. It has been with us for almost a decade. Not sure why we thought we should save it. I suppose we might, one day have a dehumidifier it would fit. Come on folks, really? This is pretty bad. It does still have the plastic wrap though.

9. One Honey Bear Candle Co. Cucumber Melon candle. Sorry Mom. 1997 wants it back.

10. Ah, a lovely assortment of “Now I’m awake! Wait! Now I’m asleep!” sock puppets. Pretty sure these guys can start a party all by themselves. They don’t need us to help.

11. One farm entrance. There is probably a very confused farmer out there wandering aimlessly looking for the entrance to his farm.

There you have it folks. Day 1 of Purge Fest. Stay tuned, that was just the stuff out in plain sight.

Purge Fest 2011

In Life, Resolutions on January 5, 2011 at 5:50 pm

(image found here)

You like how I call it Purge Fest ‘2011’ like this is the eighteenth year in a row that I’ve done it – don’t you? Well, it just so happens that this is the first go-round.

So here are the rules:

1) Rid the house – our house, more specifically – of eleven things everyday. You know, because it is 2011. Let’s hope I get a handle on things before 2038. Thirty-eight things a day sounds just like actual cleaning to me. Eleven, my friends is a nice-little-fun challenge.

2) Toss ’em, recycle ’em, give ’em away. Whatever. Just don’t say, “I know! I’ll save this for a spring garage sale!” Because it’s not worth the 13 cents someone will pay me in April to keep the junk around any longer.

3) Keep it up until I stop seeing unnecessary stuff everywhere I look. Watch out closets, here I come!

4) Post pics of all the extraneous things being purged everyday. Just for kicks. Cuz you know you wanna see it.

Hold on tight and enjoy the ride, it might just get a little crazy up in here.

Resolutions – yikes

In Life, Resolutions on January 4, 2011 at 6:36 pm

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So, here goes. I resolve to do the following in order of easiest first. That’s just how I roll peeps.

1) Invent something. If you know me this is no big surprise. I’m always coming up with random ideas that I jot down into a notebook then let them live there – in that notebook – into infinity. I’ll give it the old college try to actually turn one of my inventions into something, something. well. tangible.

2) I resolve to get together with friends as often as possible regardless of the prohibitive day-to-day grind. (She says as she gratefully declines a dinner offer with friends. Seriously, I just can’t hang tonight. It is 32 degrees outside, how dare you ask me to leave the house?!?) Moving on…

3) I resolve to be grateful. This is a big one. It is so dang easy to get caught up in the here-and-now and not notice/appreciate the amazing people who surround me. I love you people. You rock.

4) Exercise. Ha. Got you on that one. But I will try to get outside more often, or should I say ‘out of the backyard more often’? It’s a hazard of working from home. I just can’t help it. Ok, I can help it. Anyway…

5) I will learn some conversational Spanish. This will be EASY! Why, you ask? Because our super-awesome-chic-bilingual cousin is coming to live with us. Um. On Saturday. Yes, this Saturday. This is a major topic for another post. Stay tuned. Details to follow.

6) I’ll get our house organized. Not get ME organized, the HOUSE. :) And, when I say organized I mean I promise to buy a couple drawer organizers and some buckets and to shove stuff into them. Oh, and I promise to get rid of some stuff so there is less stuff to shove places.

I think that just about covers it. I’m not dragging Jay into all this. These are mine. All. Mine.

What about you? Any genius plans to put into action this year?

White Rabbit

In Life on November 1, 2010 at 7:27 am

White Rabbit to you all!

Our family loves this British superstitious tradition that suggests you tell others “White Rabbit” on the first day of each month. You can speak the words “White Rabbit”, share a picture of a white rabbit or give a white rabbit gift. This is so fun for kids. It is a challenge to see who remembers the date first and always elicits “ah man” if you aren’t first.

We have a porcelain white rabbit salt shaker that makes its rounds in our house. Of course this will give you good luck for the duration of the month, who couldn’t use a little bit of extra luck?

Do you play White Rabbit too? What is your variation on the tradition?

You can find the official definition here.

Day One

In Life on October 21, 2010 at 2:43 am

Where to begin? At the beginning you say? Well…okay. So we bought this house and ever since we’ve been working on making it a home. Adding a couple kiddos didn’t hurt.

Hi Mom!

In Life on October 13, 2010 at 6:30 pm

We are happy you’re here. Here being our new blog. Woohoo! Boy howdy could we tell you some stories…