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Ja-ja-ja Jackpot! and Jay’s World Class Fajitas

In Chicken, Food, Mexican on November 11, 2010 at 4:58 pm

We hit the jackpot this time. We have neighbors who sell pumpkins at their home every fall. They grow them at their family farm outside town and haul them here to sell to adoring fans. This year during our visit I got a peek into their garage… uh it was chock-full of produce. I mean gorgeous, fresh, locally grown produce. No sign, just an “ask to see it” policy. We brought home pumpkins for carving, pumpkins for roasting, butternut squash, poblano peppers, sweet potatoes-as-big-as-your-head or as big as my forearm. No kidding. They are up next…

But the peace de resistance was the bell peppers. Baskets upon baskets of the beauties. And to top it all off? They were 10/$1. Um, excuse me? What? No, seriously. Ten measly cents each. Green bell peppers go for about $1 each on a good day around here and the red, orange, yellow are more like $2+ bucks a piece. Bargain of the century!

So we made fajitas. When life gives you lemons… well you know the rest.

But what do we have here? Can you tell me? It looks like a baby pepper growing inside. These peppers were perfectly ripe so that might have something to do with it?

This little guy was inside one of the peppers. So pretty! We didn’t eat it but I suppose it is edible. (Yeah, yeah. A manicure would be nice but I have more pressing projects like eating.)

And what about this little beauty? A black pepper. Love it!

And a surprise inside! This guy tastes just like a green pepper but a bit sweeter. 

First, wash the peppers. Then remove the seeds and slice those bad boys. Lovin’ the color.

The peppers need friends. Let’s add some yellow onion. We almost always use yellow or red in cooking. White has its place but is kinda boring. Peel ’em and slice ’em.

Meanwhile in the wings Renaissance Dude flattened a few chicken breasts between Glad Press ‘n Seal so no icky raw chicken would go flying. It is nice to thin the chicken out so it cooks more evenly and the edges won’t dry out on the grill.

Then on a separate cutting board from the peppers and onions he brushed ’em with veggie oil. (We love using this cutting board and silicone brush for meat and then throw them in the dishwasher for a little sanitizing.

Jay usually wears food prep gloves when working with chicken to keep things cleaner but I guess he was feeling like a rebel.

He sprinkled the chicken with our scratch fajita rub (recipe will follow).

This blend has a million great uses but this is the original.

It is much-loved in this kitchen.

Add some sliced mushrooms to get the party started.

I guess the sun was going down when this pic was taken. We eat late around here. Late, I tell you. But that is a story for another time.

Add some veggie oil and season ’em up. Then toss them to balance the oil and seasoning. Don’t want anyone getting jealous now.

Cook those guys in a grill basket on the grill for awhile, until they are soft but not mushy. Blackened edges are a-okay.

This is not a pic of the grill basket. It was dark outside, remember? This is the bowl they rode in back to the kitchen. Use foil on the bowl to glam it up keep ’em hot.

A blurry peek inside. Oh my head! Just try not to sneak a bite or eight before it hits the table. I double-dog-dare ya.

Meanwhile, back on the grill the chicken is gettin’ hot hot hot.

Slice your limes. Not only are they a tasty addition but the first person to successfully accidentally flip a wedge onto someone else’s plate wins. :)

Slice the chicken and plate it all up with the fixins. Lime wedges, sour cream, avocados.

Warm a stack of corn tortillas in a damp towel in the microwave for about a minute on high or until steamy. Remember to wear an oven mitt when you get them out of the microwave. They will be…steamy.

Yum! Because the fajita rub is made ahead in mass reasonable quantities this recipe can serve as many as you like. Just add more chicken and veggies and make it a fiesta.

Live it up.


Fajita Rub/Seasoning

–         1 large Tbsp. dried granulated garlic (if using rub immediately, substitute four fresh garlic cloves – crushed)

–         1/3 cup ground chili powder (Ancho if available)

–         4 tsp. brown sugar (preferably dark)

–         1 tsp dried oregano

–         ½ tsp. ground cumin

–         4 tsp. fresh ground black pepper

–         1 tsp. kosher salt