Purge Fest 2011 – Day 1

In Life, Resolutions on January 5, 2011 at 10:13 pm

*Disclaimer: Dear people who might have given us the stuff you see us now purging with great abandon… It is you we love. Not the stuff. We once loved you and the stuff, but now it’s back to just loving you. And the new stuff. Thanks for understanding.

1. We love books. LOVE. Books. But this one just straight up bites the big one. The firefly isn’t nice. And every time we read it, I have to explain why the firefly is mean and why Sam the Owl puts up with his jerk friend the firefly. So, enough already. Sam, take the hint. There is someone better out there for you.

2. These blocks were a gift when Baby Girl was born almost a year and a half ago. That is a lifetime in the pressed-paperboard-block world. They must be replaced though. These guys were great in their hay-day.

3. This blurry little jewel once held a teething ring. Seriously. A carrying case for a teething ring. I’m sure this was the brain child of some bachelor baby-toy-engineer. Do you see the matching teether sitting beside it? No? That’s because it didn’t survive. Or maybe it escaped to the far-reaches behind the couch. We may never know. But this relationship was just not meant for the long haul.

4. One gear motor belonging to a whole set of gears that also escaped under the couch/fridge/bottom of the toy box. This guy’s sole purpose in the world without his buds the gears is to annoy the crap out of me with it’s buzzing. On the up side, the teether must not be too lonely under the couch. Probably having a par-tay with the gears. Those guys are ruckus.

5. One lonely cheese embellished cheese knife. Poor dude.

6. One Zhu-Zhu Pet. Sayonara sucka.

7. This lovely set of pumpkin carving knives will find a great new home. I’m sure of it.

8. Eh, this is a dehumidifier filter. I think. It has been with us for almost a decade. Not sure why we thought we should save it. I suppose we might, one day have a dehumidifier it would fit. Come on folks, really? This is pretty bad. It does still have the plastic wrap though.

9. One Honey Bear Candle Co. Cucumber Melon candle. Sorry Mom. 1997 wants it back.

10. Ah, a lovely assortment of “Now I’m awake! Wait! Now I’m asleep!” sock puppets. Pretty sure these guys can start a party all by themselves. They don’t need us to help.

11. One farm entrance. There is probably a very confused farmer out there wandering aimlessly looking for the entrance to his farm.

There you have it folks. Day 1 of Purge Fest. Stay tuned, that was just the stuff out in plain sight.

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