Resolutions – yikes

In Life, Resolutions on January 4, 2011 at 6:36 pm

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So, here goes. I resolve to do the following in order of easiest first. That’s just how I roll peeps.

1) Invent something. If you know me this is no big surprise. I’m always coming up with random ideas that I jot down into a notebook then let them live there – in that notebook – into infinity. I’ll give it the old college try to actually turn one of my inventions into something, something. well. tangible.

2) I resolve to get together with friends as often as possible regardless of the prohibitive day-to-day grind. (She says as she gratefully declines a dinner offer with friends. Seriously, I just can’t hang tonight. It is 32 degrees outside, how dare you ask me to leave the house?!?) Moving on…

3) I resolve to be grateful. This is a big one. It is so dang easy to get caught up in the here-and-now and not notice/appreciate the amazing people who surround me. I love you people. You rock.

4) Exercise. Ha. Got you on that one. But I will try to get outside more often, or should I say ‘out of the backyard more often’? It’s a hazard of working from home. I just can’t help it. Ok, I can help it. Anyway…

5) I will learn some conversational Spanish. This will be EASY! Why, you ask? Because our super-awesome-chic-bilingual cousin is coming to live with us. Um. On Saturday. Yes, this Saturday. This is a major topic for another post. Stay tuned. Details to follow.

6) I’ll get our house organized. Not get ME organized, the HOUSE. :) And, when I say organized I mean I promise to buy a couple drawer organizers and some buckets and to shove stuff into them. Oh, and I promise to get rid of some stuff so there is less stuff to shove places.

I think that just about covers it. I’m not dragging Jay into all this. These are mine. All. Mine.

What about you? Any genius plans to put into action this year?

  1. Yes, I have several resolutions and one of them involves dragging my friend Haley across the country with our other wonderful friends in the early fall to California… This will take care of several of your resolutions as well. #2 it most definitely will accomplish, you’ll be stuck with us for a whole 5 days and #3 well you’ll be so grateful you went. Maybe just maybe all the wonderful wine and food we are going to consume that weekend will get the creative juices flowing and you can invent some wonderful thing all while on vacay! Now that I have had my two cents put in, nice post. All very doable, and I might just have to come help you with some organizational stuff while your awesome cousin watches the kids for a bit (but only if you promise you’ll come to Cali with us (I’m not giving up very easily here). Cleaning and organizing takes energy and effort (maybe a little exercise too) and we can practice our Spanish convo too, so it looks like I can help you accomplish ALL of your resolutions friend.

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